• After years of just randomly "collecting" makeup, I have started to realise it's just drawers of stuff that I don't use. This year is going to about using up products I already have and clearing out what I don't need before I aimlessly just pop things into my basket and then never use them. Although, I can't say I won't get excited by any new releases :) Anyone else with me?

    The lovely Veronika from Veronika Shares came up with this video - use 4 by Fools Day. It's basically as it says on the tin, we have to use up, or try to use up, four products by the 1st April.

    The four I picked are:
    NYX Matte Lipstick in Crave
    I Hear Makeup Blushing Hearts Bursting With Love
    The Balm Frat Boy Blusher
    Benefit Bad Gal Lash

    I will be doing an update on the 9th March to let you know how I'm getting on :)

    Anyone else feeling it's time for a purge?
    Lots of love,