• I wasn't going to do goals for this year, but I thought before January was out, it was perhaps a good idea to get at least a few goals in place to motivate myself along the way :)

    My number one motivator has to be to get a bit fitter, my jeans are getting tighter and our wedding is fast approaching! So number one has to be a total revamp of my lifestyle, so reduce the cheese, alcohol, pizza, chips... and exercise more.

    Number 2 is to believe in myself more, something happened last year and it really dented my confidence. It's now time to draw a line under it and start believing in myself again.

    I also want to try new things! I am a terrible creature of habit and I want to reach out and broaden my horizons a bit more this year.

    Next, I want to appreciate, and show my appreciation of others more.  I appreciate people, but I don't always show it and I know it won't take much and actually make someone feel nice.

    Finally, I say this every year, but I would like to be more organised. One day, eh :)

    What are your goal and are you sticking to them so far? 
    Lots of love,