• The thought of a warming hand cream has to be up there in my wish list of winter products. I mean warming, yes!! Winter is so pretty, but I hate it when you're that cold that you can't feel your fingers, even with your gloves on. You try sitting on your hands (maybe just me), anything just to stop them being numb. Can there really be a hand cream that helps?

    The texture and smell of the cream is a good quality luxury product. Tick. So if it doesn't work, then it would be a nice cream to combat dry winter hands.

    Let's put it to the test...

    The cream smells of Christmas, for want of better adjectives. It has a very subtle spicy mulled wine smell, so an instant mental transportation to the Christmas Markets! At first my hands didn't feel any warmer and I thought yeah gimmick! Bizarrely, though as I'm writing this post my hands are definitely getting warmer. I think the ultimate test is in from the cold isn't it? Again, it's a strange warming sensation, but it does make your hands warmer after about 5 minutes! I have no idea how, but I love it!

    Have you tried it or anything similar?
    Lots of love,