• Dan is super tidy, so I've roped him in to help me organise my wardrobe! The boy did good :) He also helped me put together 5 top tips for organising your wardrobe/closet:

    1. Separate clothes into piles on the bed - so dresses, trousers, jumpers, cardigans, etc.

    2. Be ruthless - what can be taken to the charity shop or binned?

    3. Put clothes back into their category order - all dresses together, tops together, trousers together.

    4. Linked in with 3, put clothes back into colour order - for example white tops, cream tops, colour tops, grey tops, black tops. This makes it really easy to see the top you want and save you bags of time in the morning.

    5. Sort out any clothes that need washing or ironing. That way everything in your wardrobe is ready to go in the morning!

    What's your top tips for wardrobe organisation? 
    Lots of love,