• On Saturday I popped along to the Bloggers Xmas 2016. If ever there was a better way to get yourself into the festive sprit, then this has to be it. It was a wonderful mix of bloggers, brands and well all things Christmas! After a lovely afternoon, of course comes goodie bag time!

    Now if you've seen any of my blogger party posts, you'll know I usually get overexcited by the goodie bag. As much as I hate to admit this, I'm usually that person on the tube who enters the contents of their bag virtually onto your lap, I'm that excited to see what's exactly inside the bag!  I've obviously been a bit out sorts recently for some reason, as it was Monday when I realised it was still untouched on the dining room table. Say what?! Let's get it open on camera I thought...

    I hope you enjoy :) 
    Lots of love,