• Hey guys I hope you are all doing well? I was a wandering around Boots the other day and I spotted this as a newbie on the market. I thought given my current root issues, I would give it a whirl...

    These are the little 'before' and 'after' piccies 

    My hair is bleached so there is a real difference between my natural shade at the roots and my hair colour, so I was a wee bit sceptical how much this product could help me.

    I wasn't sure what I expected from the product compared to a hair colour. When you apply it, it is very much like a face powder in consistency. There are two shades of colour and it says to either mix together or the darker first and then the lighter. I had a go both ways. I think the darker shade was slightly too orange for my shade of blonde, but it lessened once I applied the lighter over the top.

    Overall, I am really impressed, it definitely helps to blur roots. It doesn't claim to erase roots - that's what hair dye is for, but my roots definitely look less Lily Savage, which is perfect for eeking out the last few days before I get my roots done :) 

    Have you used anything like this? 

    Lots of love, 
    Hels xoxo