• So a sly little mooch around Primarni always leads to little sly purchases :) 

    I noticed their new Workout range the other week. Lots of bright colours and very affordable, what better excuse to get fit! I am a little dubious about the trainers as I usually stick to branded trainers for working out (but I've left them in work), so I will do a review shortly :)

    The gym range is so affordable: 
    Pink top £4.00
    trousers  £7.00
    Reflective jacket £12.00
    Trainers £8.00
    Water bottle £2.00

    For some reason all my comfortable tops seem to have died on me, so time to refresh: 

    Sweatshirt £5.00
    Elephant T-shirt £5.00
    Blush T-shirt £6.00
    Pocket detail T-shirt £6.00

    What's new in your wardrobe? 

    Lots of love, 
    Helen xoxo