• Well hello Spring :) I love it when you just bob into Boots and spot a freebie! With the purchase of two Boots No7 products you get this box of mini spring goodies.

    I really wanted new Spring feeling nail polish, so I picked up the Nail Effects Natural Sparkle and Gel-Look Shine Pink Blossom. Not bad in my book - £14 for all what I ended up leaving the store with...

    The box contains:

    Beautiful Skin Dry Skin Rescue: Winter and the elements are tough on skin. I have found my skin is dry and tired, so I am looking forward to using this; It is lovely and hydrating and perfect to get my skin Spring ready :)

    Lovely Lashes Mascara (Black): I am saving this for my holiday. Lovely little sample size, which is perfect for taking on holiday #spacesaving and gorgeous.

    Nail Care Strength and Grow Treatment: My nails haven't been growing very well over the past few months, so I like the fact I can try this out. Just apply it twice per week, wash off and apply polish as normal. Looking forward to seeing the results.

    Stay Perfect Eye Shadow - Middle Shade from Good Earth Trio: This is a beautiful brown golden/shimmery shade. This makes me think Summer festival/golden tans. Love it and I know I will be able to wear it right through Summer too :)

    Lots of love, 
    Hels xoxo