• Hi, I'm Helen. Haha that sounds a bit cheesy..., but I realised I don't have any really "facts about me" on the blog, so here goes...

    1. I'm from Lancashire, in the North West of England and I live in London: This results in various random incidents, from not understanding what people are saying, or they what I am saying! To just damn, I really miss my family and friends tup North. My boyfriend is a born and bred South Londoner and gets stressed at anything north of Milton Keynes. It makes for a very interesting life lol!

    2. My favourite food is vegetarian pizza (mozzarella/veggies/garlic/chilli): I would eat it all day, every day if that was possible without dying of some kind of malnutrition.  Cheese (Red Leicester or Stilton) and crisps (cheese and onion Walkers or BBQ Hula Hoops) don't fall far behind.

    3. I'm a Leo: and boy do I live up to the definition!

    4. I am a pescetarian: I have been vegetarian for years, but sometimes this becomes really hard to eat out. A part cop out, a part I like fish, but wish more restaurants would just vary their vegetarian menu a bit, as we love eating out.

    5. My favourite colour is pink: Not just pink, like Barbie Pink!

    6. I am OCD about hygiene: but can get into clutter and disorganised chaos. I did a post on this here.

    7. I take photos of random stuff: This intrigues my boyfriend/family/friends, but in the Instagram, blog, Twitter world it is the norm now I guess.

    8. I apply lipstick/gloss/balm constantly:  Erm, even in the flat by myself, I will apply a nice red lippy. Oh well Marylin slept in Chanel perfume, I can wander around the flat in comfys and Chanel lippy. On that note...

    9. The minute I get home, I bob my comfys on:  I don't even think about it anymore; it is just what I do as soon as I come through the door. Anyone with me on that one?

    10. I am a total geek and I love anything historical or cultured:  Art galleries, museums, exhibitons, etc. I love it! Thankfully I met a fellow geek, so we're loving geek our land together :)

    Well, that's all I can think about for now. Hope you got to know me a wee bit better.

    Thanks for reading, 
    Lots of love, 
    Hels xoxo