• So, we've almost done January! Well done if you did a dry or a healthy eating one - almost there kid! I've had a well, let's just say, a tough January. Plus baby it's cold out there. What better way to treat yourself than doing all of your favourite things :)

    # My favourite thing is a bubble bath. In particular a Lush one with lots of pampering :) I'm loving the new Dove Pampering bodywash.

    # I love relaxing in the bath with a facemask on (well it's the only time I stay still long enough for a facemask).

    # A candle - I can't live without candles.

    # A beauty box discovery session - they are my favourite way  to discover new beauty.

    # A meal out involving pizza and wine - hey say no more!

    # Snuggles on the sofa, watching a film and maybe even the odd Malteaser or two :)

    What's your perfect feel good? 

    Lot's of love, 

    Helen xoxo