• I finally, finally got around to purchasing some new beauty storage this weekend. I did a massive clear out before Christmas (in all it's horror here). So, I managed to get down to the bare minimum (ruthless is not the word!). Erm, does that give me a free pass to go shopping now :)

    My new storage was a total bargain from Wilko at £12. Talk about a bargain though, as it's compact and nice and durable too! We're going to be moving in the Spring, so I wanted something compact enough to hold everything and can safely transport all my shiz to the new place if needs be. 

    I organised all of the drawers and chucked out anything that was used (in addition to my massive clear out above). Am I the only one who reads the use by dates on a product and thinks, I have absolutely no idea when I started using you?! So, basically all of those tubes and tubs were binned. Hence the very lonely looking Face drawer. 

    The only thing I am not sure about is the 'back ups' being on the top. One, it makes me just use the same products over and over because I'm lazy and two, the space could be better used for something else.

    What is your storage situation? 

    Lots of love, 
    Helen xoxo