• This may not be the most visually appetising meal I have ever blogged, but it has all the winter warming lovely flavours you could ever ask for. 

    I have always been more of a fan of Quorn than Tofu. I think this goes back to Christmas dinner circa 1999 when my mum was trying to get her head around me being veggie and served up the most unappetising white block of dry looking Tofu with roast potatoes and veg. Times have changed and Tofu is really versatile. I do for some reason now associate Christmas and Tofu, so as the nights draw in, it's time to get a colourful winter warmer on the stove.

    You will need: 

    1 red onion 
    1 garlic clove
    1 green chilli 
    Tin of chopped tomatoes (400g)
    Squeeze of tomato purée 
    Can of chickpeas (400g)
    Can of green lentils (400g)
    Can of butter beans (215g)
    Can of sweet corn (140g) 
    Cayenne pepper 
    One small chopped Carrot 
    Brown rice

    Broccoli and celery (optional)


    1.Chop the onion, garlic, chilli and the carrot and add to a pan along with the chick peas, lentils, butter beans, sweetcorn and chopped carrot. Add the tin of chopped tomatoes, a generous squeeze of tomato purée, a dash of cayenne pepper and paprika. Leave this on a medium heat for around 30 minutes. 
    2. Pop the rice on to boil for around 25 minutes (or until soft). 
    3. Once the rice has been on for around 12 minutes, into a frying pan, pop a splash of olive oil and the sliced Tofu and cook on a medium heat for 12 minutes (6 minutes on each side). 

    Serves 4 generous helpings or freeze the leftovers.

    Enjoy with a nice piece of chunky bread. It's winter so carbs don't count ;)