• What are you doing tonight? If you want a few ideas of things to do, these are a few of my favourite Halloween treats and to-dos.

    Throw a party
    Now, this is going to be a little bit too last-minute for a big invite list, but there is something special about a Halloween party, even if it just a few of your nearest and dearest. Nip to the supermarket and pick up pumpkins, bowls, treats and decorations and off you go! Any excuse to get dressed up and eat treats :)

    Pumpkin carvings
    This is a favourite of mine. It's amazing how creative you can be with a pumpkin and a knife. A top tip from my friend is print off a picture, stencil over with a pen onto the pumpkin face and then carve with the knife. Have to admit the results are pretty impressive!

    Make pumpkin soup 
    Buy a spare pumpkin. Chop it up, roast it for an hour. Into a pan add some vegetable stock, seasoning, chilli, garlic, chopped onions and cook on a medium heat for around 15 minutes. Blend together and add a little double cream - beautiful.

    Don't waste the insides of the pumpkin
    Keep these to one side, you can clean and roast the seeds in a little olive oil!

    Run a pumpkin bath 
    Lush haven't let us down this year with another Halloween bath bomb delight. This gorgeous sparkly bomb, it all we need for the perfect pamper - plus it smells bewitching!

    Put on the classic horror
    My favourite scary movie of all time has to be Nightmare on Elm Street. Yes, it is a bit dated now, but it still has that scare factor 'One, two Freddy's coming for...'

    What do you like to do for Halloween? 

    Lots of love, 
    Helen xoxo