• I was inspired to write tonight's post by the lovely Melanie's Instagram #mystylephotochallenge. The Day 9 Challenge was to photograph your signature dish. I think, as all of my friends know too well, pasta is my favourite and therefore my most perfected type of dish (given then frequency I eat it!). I thought I would do a bit of a Mediterranean influence tonight with seafood linguine. Perfect to enjoy in the sunshine!

    To make this little delight.

    You will need: 

    Fresh linguine pasta
    A drizzle of olive oil
    1 chopped garlic
    Half a finely chopped onion
    Half a finely chopped red pepper
    1 small firey red chilli
    Fresh salmon
    Frozen king prawns
    Frozen scallops (as with the prawns you can use fresh if you prefer)
    Some cherry tomatoes
    Half a can of chopped tomatoes
    Tomato puree
    Fresh spinach leaves


    1. Wrap the salmon in tinfoil and pop into a pre-heated 425f/220c  oven. Bake for around 15 to 20 minutes depending on thickness.
    2. Drizzle a pan with a little olive oil and then add the chopped garlic, onion, pepper and chilli, Allow this all to fry off for a moment or two.
    3. Add the frozen prawns and scallops, along with a good glug of chopped tomatoes and tomato puree and leave to simmer on a low heat.
    4. Once the salmon is nearing completion. Add the pesto, cherry tomatoes, and around two heaped tablespoons (depending on taste) of pesto and leave to heat for around 3 minutes.
    5. Just before serving add the fresh spinach leaves.
    6. Serve and enjoy!

    Serves 1 - so just adapt and enjoy!

    I ate this looking out at my beautiful view of the river - bellissimo!

    What is your signature dish? 

    Lots of love, 
    Helen xoxo