• I don’t very often do personal posts, I am always afraid they might put people off reading my blog, but I wanted to write about this in the hopes that it may help someone else if they are going through the same thing.

    When I was at school, I had never even heard of dyslexia. I just thought I was thick. I was put into the bottom sets for Maths and English because I struggled, in particular with numbers and things like putting essays (and also now blog posts) into a logical order to make sense. (Haha - yeah like this one!). 

    As a result I struggled through school and left with only 3 GCSEs. I then worked so hard to try to "fix" that. It wasn't until I got to University and post-graduate that it was mentioned that I maybe should be screened for dyslexia. I was just so afraid of the unknown and about what dyslexia might mean in terms of a career. On reflection not dealing with it caused more of a problem. 

    I am currently studying Teacher Training, specialising in Special Educational Needs. The course highlighted once again that I struggle and it started to affect my self-esteem. I also started to ask myself how on earth could I help children if I'm struggling myself?  

    Times have changed so much since I was at school and special needs like dyslexia and dyscalculia are now recognised and supported, so most of the stigma thankfully has now gone.

    Now that I have finally sought help and been screened, I can hopefully get the support I need once I have seen the Educational Psychologist. I wish it had been picked up years ago. However, as I have left it so late in the year, I have missed out on getting support since September. 

    The only advice I can give if you feel the same, is just ask for help. As I have been told it has nothing at all to do with intelligence, it is just our brains work differently in processing information that’s all.

    Has anyone else had a similar experience? Or how did you find the support you received if you are dyslexic?

    Lots of love, 
    Helen xoxo