• I was in Body Shop the other day ready to pick up my usual Vitamin E night cream, when I spotted this. I remember reading reviews when it was launched and thinking I want to try it, so here goes...

    First impressions:
    It has a jelly-like consistency, but it doesn't feel too thick like some night creams. I was worried about with it being a mask and it feeling too heavy going to bed. Just pop it on a mo or so before bed just to dry and it's ready to go.

    It does feel a little wet and sticky at first, so give it time to dry. I usually read a book before bed, which is more than enough time. As long as you have 5 minutes 

    It comes with a little spatual to apply the product, but I prefer just using my fingers to massage the product into my face. 

    What it contains: 
    The youth-enhancing mask contains Edelweiss plant stem cells to deliver potent skin cell renewing properties. It also has caffeine to help energise the skin and plant oils to sooth the skin. 

    My skin feels really soft. I haven't noticed a huge difference with regards to my skin looking youthful. It's early days though as I've only been using it for 

    It costs £22.00, which is towards the higher-end price tag for a face cream. However, it is massive 90ml tub, which will last ages.

    I'm not sure it's the best night cream I've ever used. Up until now I've used the Vitamin E Overnight Serum and cream. I will finish the tub and hopefully by then the youthful look will have been revealed :) 

    Has anyone ever tried it? 

    Lots of love, 
    Helen xoxo