• The story follows Bryony as she reveals that the life she imagined herself living in her teens: the perfect job, lovely flat and amazing boyfriend, hasn't quite gone to plan...

    Very much in the style of Bridget Jones, you will laugh out loud (then get strange looks on the train if you're like me - oops), cry (again, oops if you're on the train!) and maybe even empathise with some of her experiences if you're life hasn't quite turned out as you imagined in your teens. 

    The book starts with an unfortunate incident and she's handed the wrong knickers. I think that very much sets the scene for the rest of the book. 

    Bryony quits University and in an attempt not to be seen as a drop out, works really hard to get herself a job in journalism. This of course should then lead to the lovely flat, gorgeous boyfriend, etc. 

    This book for me filled the gap which Bridget Jones left. However, the big difference and which makes this book so special is that Bryony is the actual author of the book, which is based on her own life. I think once I realised it was Bryony Gordon, who writes 'How the Other Half Live' in the Sunday Telegraph magazine, made the book that bit more personal and I was some how sharing a friend's story. 

    My only piece of advice is the book it is very noticeable when you are on the train, so expect some quizzical looks! 

    Have you read any good books recently? 

    Thanks for reading! 
    Lots of love, Helen xoxo