• Last summer I got to the point where I had clear set posting days and then for one reason or another, that fell by the wayside. What difference does it make to audience traffic and followers? 

    I have found that once I stopped posting on set days, I ended up going for weeks without posting. Time flies when you're having fun, right? Then my followers and traffic started to drop, so I lost motivation and then it becomes a vicious circle of what is the point of posting as nobody will read, but unless you put content on your blog, nobody will read. 

    # Give your readers continuity - I know as I reader I like continuity. I like knowing when I can read new posts on my favourite blogs. It kind of makes sense then that I do the same. 

    # What day and time is best to publish - Check your stats to determine when you get the most traffic i.e when people are actually reading your posts.

    # It maybe that you want a set theme e.g. I used to do Food Friday, so I needed my food posts to be published on Friday. 

    # Set posting days makes life easier - In terms of your own personal life planning organising everything, including your blog simplifies things. You can think blogging, right I need to have posts up on Tuesday and Saturday, etc. and plan the time to write the posts. 

    # Scheduling - Make use of this amazing facility. Say Sunday night when you are getting organised for the week and your posts are written. Just schedule the posts for the set days and hit publish. Voila on the day, there is your post. Also make use of scheduling on social media, e.g hootsuit to publish Twitter updates.

    # Pre-written posts - When the mood strikes for a post, get it wrote down and keep in your drafts. If you make a list of all the posts that are ready to publish, you can call on these back ups during busy periods when you don't have time to write, or if you're lacking inspiration for that days scheduled post.

    # The down side to set days - What if you just had that burning urge to write and post something you really want to share NOW? I'm sure nobody will really wouldn't mind an extra post, but if it means you won't publish later in the week, is it essential to post now. 

    I have decided my new posting days from next week will be Tuesday and Saturday at 1pm GMT/BST.

    • Tuesdays will be more review style posts - Make up, Products, Books, etc.
    • Saturdays will be more Lifestyle posts - Relationships, Health, Wellbeing, Food, etc.

    I will post my end of month review Love Life Eat on the last Friday of every month, just so it doesn't get mixed up in everything. So, I hope you will join me then :) 

    For some people, I know that set days just don't work. How about you? Do you have a blog schedule? Does it work for you? 

    Thanks for reading, 
    Lots of love, Helen xoxo