• I'm not going to lie, my desk this year for some reason ended up a huge mess of papers and 'to do' post it notes everywhere! I just felt stressed and disorganised. I have decided enough now, as that's not a productive environment to work in, so I've had a big spring clean and got my desk organised. Here are a few of my tidy tips.

    # 1 - Pen pot - Everything you need is in one place right at your fingertips. Mine includes pens, scissors, a ruler, stapler remover, different coloured highlighters and of course a pink pen! Underneath is a handy clip and pin set I got from Sainsburys (for maybe £2) last September, it contains handy little office essentials like paperclips, elastic bands, mini bull dog clips and pin board pins.

    #2 - A printer. If you are studying or have a home office, then a printer is a must. I bought this 3-in-1 printer, copier, scanner. It's WiFi too, so you can print from your tablet or phone too without having to faff with connecting leads, etc.

    #3 - A wall planner. This helps see at a glance see what is to do. I'm also like to cross off each day/month - nothing like counting down the days lol! I got this one free, but they are really cheap at most stationery shops or Amazon. I also use different coloured stickers to colour-code what different days mean e.g. orange means I'm at school, blue means holidays :)  I am a very visual person, so I find this really helps me. 

    # 4 - Note making. I have definitely found I get a lot more productive when I use a notebook. I use it to write down things like blog post ideas, or photos I need to take and when I am going to upload the post. I'm aiming to get back to regular blog uploading (so watch this space!) 

    #5 - A diary - I posted this diary on Instagram the other day. I love the gorgeous sparkly blue colour :) It's a soft A5 size and really lightweight from Paperchase - no excuses not to carry it around with me. It was also 30% off as people don't normally buy diaries in mid-February! I have also started to colour code things like Birthdays, things to do for uni/placement and meeting friends, etc with different coloured highlighters. I'm hoping then as with my wall planner, at a glance I can see what's happening that week.

    # 6 - Something to make you feel good about being at your desk. The final thing I like to have on my desk is a candle. This one is the Yankee Pink Dragon Fruit - it smells amazing! Why wouldn't I want to sit here and smell this! :) 

    Do you have any fun/creative ideas for organising your life?

    Thanks for reading!
    Lots of love, Helen xoxo