• I have followed Fleur De Force for years and I love her You Tube channels and blog, so I was so excited when she announced she was writing this book.

    The book goes through all the topics you would expect Fleur to discuss - makeup, fashion, hair and health and fitness. As well as two really nice chapters on body image and relationships, which I found were written beautifully about the need to set goals and to be positive and confident about ourselves. There is also a section on the equipment she uses to film her channel and advice on growing an audience on You Tube.

    I love the way the book is set out into chapters containing bite size tips, interspersed with colourful pictures, as well as photograph of Fleur wearing her own clothes and makeup which added a nice personal touch.

    The only thing I maybe wish she had included was a section on organisation. Fleur always comes across as being quite an organised, methodical person and some tips on how she organises her life i.e. tips and tricks about organising her schedule and the like, I would have found that really handy as I am terrible at organisation!

    Has anyone else read the book? What did you think?

    Lots of love, Helen xoxo