• I guess I am not the only one who has dry hands now the weather has turned cold. I am always on the search for a good hand cream to make my hands nice.  I love the consistency of The Body Shop hand creams, but usually the smell puts me off. I was pleasantly surprised by this one though :)

    The only way I can describe the smell of this one, is it's a bit like the Yankee Halloween Candle, which I do really love, but I guess it's just bit of a strange smell for a hand cream. 

    The product itself is absolutely fantastic. I suffer from really dry skin on my hands, particularly in the winter months. I also use a lot of hand sanitiser too, which can make my dry skin feel 10 times worse. This, I have to say, has done the trick. It is the perfect consistency and it is extremely moisturising, but not at all greasy. I had a dry skin patch on my left palm and it has completely gone after just a few weeks of use. 

    The only fault I have is the packaging. It is very thin and I am frightened that if I put it in my handbag, it might split and the cream go all over everywhere. I am a klutz anyway so that would happen!

    At £10.00 for 100ml, it's definitely well worth the money. 

    Has anyone else tried the cream? What did you think?

    Helen xoxo