• I bought this when I was staying at my mum's a while back, but never got around to testing it out. Checking through my overnight bag, I realised I had forgotten to pack make-up remover, so it was a quick 'oh no' moment until I spotted this little neglected one on the side :)

    Admittedly, I am used to make-up oil now (I have been using a great one from M&S - yes M&S as in Marks and Spencer, which I am very impressed with!). Oil obviously dissolves the make-up much easier than water and washes off easily. 

    One of the great benefits of water versus oil, is that you don't need to wash off. This is great if you want to re-apply your make-up and off you go, or if you're just being really lazy and off to bed  :)

    I was really impressed with this Micellar Water from Superdrug. it was much cheaper than some of the cleansing waters on the market and it does the job. I call it the 'white towel challenge' - if you can see eye make-up on the towel, I might as well not have bothered using it! It passed the test :)

    Overall, I was very pleased and would definitely recommend it if you are into Micellar Water cleaners. 

    What is your favourite Make-up remover/cleaner?

    Lots of love, 
    Helen xoxo