• It only took me three months, but I've finally got myself into the routine of working and studying in a new city. That means I can finally get back into blogging :) 

    I know I'm not the only person to have experienced that feeling of everything else needs doing yesterday, so when do you find time write blog posts, take photos, join in Twitter chats, etc. 

    I have boxes of products still 'to review' and recipes on scraps of paper all ready 'to be blogged'. Yet, the longer time went on, the it is harder it was to sit down and start writing a blog post. Anyone else had that feeling? 

    I use my blog as a little reflection of my life. I guess a bit like an online memory box. I started to realise that one of the biggest changes in my life was passing by unrecorded; London, teacher training, all the fab ideas and things I make for the class and not to mention rare shopping hauls - just a few small bits I wished I'd blogged. 

    I think one of the hardest things I found is that I am not organised in the slightest! This leads to panic and chaos when it comes to getting everything done. Oh and I’m also the world biggest procrastinator – I might just make a nice cup of tea before I finish this post! :) If anyone has any great tips on keeping themselves organised and on top of everything - I would definitely love to know :)

    I’ve missed catching up with some of the great blogs (and bloggers!) I used to follow. So, my New Year’s Resolution will definitely be to give my blog and blogging lots of love!

    Hope everyone is feeling festive and happy :) 

    Lots of love, 
    Helen xoxo