• I am moving to London tomorrow - eeeek!!! I just wanted to apologies for not being as active on my blog as much as usual - as you can imagine life has got a little hectic saying goodbye to everyone/packing up boxes, etc. As a bonus though I have discovered clothes I never knew I had!!

    Pictures courtesy of my love friend Claire x

    I can't wait to move and it will hopefully prove to be an interesting and exciting new chapter in my life as I go back to University to study Teacher Training :)

    If you live in London, or visit regularly, do leave below any cute places you love to visit, nice restaurants and tips and tricks of living in London? Or, have any of you just quit your job to follow your dream? How did it work out?

    Here's to some exciting adventures!
    (I would raise a glass, but it appears I've already packed them!)

    Lots of love Helen xoxo