• Lured in by the sale - I can't deny it! I popped into New Look this afternoon, but I was a wee bit disappointed by the end of summer sale. However, too impatient to wait for my NUS Discount next month, I thought I would start getting my wardrobe bit more student-ready now - any excuse eh! 

    SALE ITEM Bow Trilby £4.00 (was £7.99)

    My beloved Top Shop trilby has died a death after the gorgeous summer we have had in England (FYI trilby and sun oil don't mix well!), but for the bargain price of £4.00 this New Look one will do the job next year I think. 

    SALE ITEM Sammy Croc top £7.00 (was £12.99)

    I love the style of the sammy croc top - I have so many similar and they are so easy to wear during the day, or with a bit of jewellery for a more summer evening look. 

    Ex Hot Dog Tee £7.99

    Cat Mouth Tee £7.99

    Love these little tee shirts - they had loads of different designs to choose from. I picked my two favourite above. I found that they looked better in the next size up though as I prefer tee shirts when they are a little looser. So, I would recommend taking both sizes to the changing room with you to decide which looks best on you.

    Has anyone seen any good end of summer sales yet? Or am I a little early?

    Helen xoxo