• Imagine hitting your head at the gym and losing a decade of your life? That is exactly what happens to Alice Mary Love. As she awakens from hitting her head, Alice is convinced it is 1998 and she is 29. When she has actually been planning her 40th birthday. 

    Alice learns that she is no longer that fun-loving 29 year old, happily married to Nick and expecting their first baby. She is in fact is an unrecognisably serious 39 year old, separated, with three children.

    Alice cannot understand what caused her to change and her marriage to breakdown. As the story unfolds, we along with Alice learn the reasons why everything has changed. The question which remains, is whether losing her memory is the best thing that ever happened to Alice? You better read it and find out :) 

    Admittedly, I wasn't as gripped as I have been with some of books I have been reading this summer. It is however, a good and thought-provoking story of how sometime you can lose 'the real you' without even realising that it is happening. 

    Has anyone else read the book? What did you think? 

    Has anyone got any good recommendations of good books they have read? 

    Helen xoxo