• Hi guys! Monday was my Birthday and I am/have been celebrating it with some special people this week. Also, I don't know when this suddenly happened, but thank you to everyone who has starting following me on Bloglovin. It means so much to me :)

    I have just a done a quick piccy round-up of the events:

    Saturday we headed over to Yorkshire for the Food & Drink Festival - two of my favourite things all in one place! The sun had his hat on too, which made the day all that bit more special for drinking Strawberry Beer outdoors. Has anyone tried Srawberry Beer? If not, it is gorgeous :)

    Tuesday we went for pizza and to see the Inbetweeners 2. Has anyone seen it? I thought it was brilliant and as good, if not better than the first.

    I'm moving down to that there London next month, so I have been enjoying the delights of the North West and catching up with friends before the move. We managed to catch a beautiful sunset at Southport last night. It was absolutely stunning and makes you realise how lovely England can be!

    Has anyone else been celebrating/enjoying themselves this weekend?

    Lots of love

    Helen xxx