• I saw this tag on Luscious Lane's blog last week and thought it looked such a fun tag, so I had to give it a go! 

    1. How many cups of tea do you have a day? + How many sugars?
    I usually have two large cups of English Breakfast, or PG Tips in the morning with my breakfast. One if I am rushing, then I will grab another on the go. Then later on maybe a peppermint tea or at the moment, I am quite liking liquorice tea. I don't take sugar; I'm sweet enough as my Grandma used to say :)

    2. Favourite part of your roast?
    Mashed potato. I absolutely love creamy mash! 

    3. Favourite dunking biscuit?
    I really don't like soggy biscuits, so I don't dunk I'm afraid. My favourite biscuit would probably be a plain digestive though.

    4. Favourite quintessentially British pastime?
    A nice wander around a quaint little village and then sitting in the beer garden on a sunny day. Or afternoon tea in Harrods with little cucumber sandwiches and scones, served on a tiered cake stand. 

    5. Favourite word?
    Basically and lovely. I get teased so much in work for saying basically, especially if I am trying to explain something *blush*.

    6. Cockney rhyming slang?
    I'm moving to London in September, so I am trying to get to grips with a bit of rhyming slang. My favorite so far, is You having a bubble? (bubble bath = laugh)

    7. Favourite sweet/chocolate
    M&S Percy Pigs. I am a veggie, so it is great they do gelatine free :)

    8. What would your pub be called?
    Ooh, I really don't know. Erm, maybe Helen's Bar, or Littlehelsb, The Place To Be. Too cheesy! Erm, I really can't think. Sorry lame answer.

    9. No. 1 British person
    Dame Helen Mirren. She’s such a classy, British lady.

    10. Favourite shop/restaurant
    Shop = Boots - I literally lose hours in there! Restaurant = I like small independent places, rather than chains, but one of my favourite foods is pizza, so for a chain, I will say Pizza Express. 

    11. What British song pops into your head?
    Ben Howard, Only Love. Only because it has just been on the radio, so it is in my head still :)

    12. Marmite
    I am not sure! I have only tried it once (a few months ago). I didn't dislike it, so I think I will have to buy a tub and then I can truly judge. 

    That's the end of that tag! It is a really fun tag. I now tag all of you to do it. 

    Has anyone got any cool tags I can try?

    *Photograph courtesy of my lovely friend Claire x

    Helen xoxo