• The lovely Lily Pebbles created this blogger tag. If like me, have you ever wondered how long your everyday makeup routine actually takes? I thought it looked fun, so thought I would give it a go too.

    I used the stop watch on my iPhone and it took me 4.18 to apply my every day 'natural' looking makeup.

    Here's what I used... 


    Rimmel BB Cream 9-in-1 Medium applied with Real Teachniques brush.
    Collection Illuminating Touch Glow. In the shade 3, for the under eye area.
    Powder No7 10 Fair Perfect Light Loose Powder (now discontinued).


    New Cid i-cheek Blush Trio in Coral 9101 applied with Real Teachniques brush.


    Rimmel Glam Eyes 100 Glam Ice applied with UBU Brush No.35.
    Bourjois Smokey Eye Trio in 01 Gris Dandy applied with UBU Brush No. 31.
    Eyelash curlers.
    Maybelline the Falsies Volum' Express Black Drama.


    A quick sweep of Burts Bees lip gloss and I'm good to go!

    If you want to do this tag, here's all you have to do.

    1. Set your stopwatch to record each step, stopping and resetting in between each one. Don't forget to write down the timings! 

    2. Do your everyday makeup routine at your usual speed, don't feel rushed. 

    3. Write a post with your timings and a list of what makeup you used. 

    4. Have fun! 

    Has anyone else done the tag? Has anyone got any other fun tags I could try?

    Helen xoxo