•  I set myself a little challenge a few weeks back to find a beauty box I loved and would look forward to opening every month. I love the idea of monthly boxes, as you get to try some great products you might not otherwise buy and it's like a lovely little present each month :) 

    The You Beauty Discovery Box costs £6.95 per month (free P&P, which compared to other boxes is mega cheap. The July edition is themed YOU Travel. As with all the boxes this month, the emphasis is on the holiday theme.  The concept around the box is that you select 2 product samples to try every month. I picked the Archeia Anti-aging Skin Cream and the Miss Manga Mega Volume Mascara. Then you get the other standard samples to try. 

    My box contained:

    Archeia Anti-aging Skin Cream (tiny pot sample) - I picked this as my choice because most of the other choices had sold out by the time I ordered the box (pick early peeps). I chose it because it contained SPF (of at least) 15. I won't pick a moisturiser without that, unless it is a night cream. It smelt nice and clean (the sandalwood and lavender are quite prominent) and felt nice and smooth on the skin. Doubt I would purchase this though. 

    Miss Manga Mega Volume Mascara (full size) - I picked this as my choice, as if all else fails that it was roughly the price of the box. It's a nice mascara and I can't fault it. I'm just not sure if it would ever replace my beloved Maybelline The Falsies or Clarins Instant Definition Mascara. 

    Dove Men Pro Moisture Shave Cream (50ml) - I am used to the beauty boxes being aimed at women, or having lifestyle products, but not a men's products. I have given this to my brother.

    Agent Provocateur Fatale (2ml spray sample) - I love the little mini perfumes as they are great for popping in your handbag. This is a nice fragrance; it's really fruity summery scent. It reminds me ever so slightly of Thierry Mugler Angel. 

    Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream (tiny sachet) - This reminded me of Vaseline and I think it would be great for dry chapped skin. I think for me, that would be more appropriate in the winter. I had already opened it to try it though and it is only a sachet.

    The box is half the size of the likes of Glossybox and Birchbox, so half the price as a result. Overall though, I was disappointed with the box and really glad I picked the mascara as that is about the price of the box. I just didn't feel there was anything in the box which made me think Wow, where do I purchase that! I was also left wondering how much the products would cost if I bought the full sized product, as it isn't clear in the accompanying magazine. 

    Has anyone else tried the box? What did you think? 
    Has anyone tried any good beauty boxes that they would recommend? 

    Helen xoxo