• Here is a little round up of what I have been wearing, doing and eating this last weekend.

    WEAR //

    I have been trying desperately to perfect winged liner. This is one of the one beauty techniques that has always phased me. I have watched countless tutorials and when I have a go myself, it goes horribly wrong and I look like I am wearing Halloween makeup! 

    The Eyeko Skinny Liquid Liner was free in July Glamour magazine and I thought what better excuse than to try it. In fact, I couldn't decide between the two colours, so I thought for £2 for the magazine, I would try both the black and navy blue!

    I must admit, I found the product difficult to use and this as I say, may be because I cannot for the life of me get the hang of liquid liner, but I know a few people were a little disappointed in the quality of the eyeliner. I read a great review by The Black Pearl Blog, so I know it's not just me who found the product difficult to use.  

    LIFE //

    I have had a nice quiet weekend. Catching up with TV and reading children's books! Don't worry I haven't gone mad, just in preparation for teacher training we have to read and review three children's books. I have made a start with Goodnight Mister Tom. I have to say if you haven't read it, give it a go, as it is such a lovely heart-warming and sometimes heart-breaking story. 

    I'm really loving Orange is the New Black on Netflix. Erm ok, so I must have been living on another planet last year!  I am just catching up with Season 1 and I love it!  It is so so funny. If I'm not the only person who has never seen it, definitely check this out. 

    EATS //

    We stopped off at the Harvester at Middlebrook Retail Park, Bolton for a little impromptu pasta on the way home from visiting my mum. 

    I have to say, I was rather impressed at the quality of the food for the price. At £4.99 for Goat's cheese & Broccoli stuffed pasta shells in a rich tomato sauce, combined with a free salad bar and £2.45 for a diet coke with unlimited refills! This definitely helped in my attempt to get into the student budget mindset!

    I think I will definitely be trying to recreate the Goat's cheese & Broccoli stuffed pasta shells at home as they were delicious. The goats cheese just oozes out when you cut into the shells - yummy!

    I hope everyone had a great week too!

    Thanks for reading xoxo