• This is fast becoming my 2014 best 'beach read'. This is definitely a story all us bloggers can relate to...

    The story follows ex-gambler Penny, who has set up her blog 'Princess on a Shoestring' advising bides-to-be on wedding planning. However, Penny soon finds herself with more than just a wedding planning blog, as she ends up some interesting wedding planning on her hands. 

    For any blogger who works full time and hasn't let work in on your passion, you can totally relate to Penny's story! 

    The story is brilliant, as your heart-races with that horrible panicky feeling, as Penny's worlds on occasion become hair-raisingly close to colliding, as she juggles her day job, her passion for weddings and of course her own marriage. 

    Anna Bell is going to fast become one my favourite chick-lit authors if her other books are the same!

    Thanks for reading xoxo