• This is a little round up of the products that I have used up over the past few months. I haven't used enough products in April for this to be solely a 'monthly favourites' blog. This is instead, just some products which I have used up and may or may not have repurchased.

    Body Shop Wild Rose Hand Cream

    I purchased this because I loved the fact this hand cream contains SPF 15, as I think it is really important to protect skin from harmful rays, especially during the seasons we would not think to apply sun protection. 

    I purchased the 30ml as it is perfect hand bag sized. I always like to have a little hand cream in my bag, as I hate having horrible dry feeling hands. My usual little hand cream is the Soap & Glory Hand Food, but I thought I would give this Body Shop one a go for a change.

    The consistency of the hand cream is lovely and thick, but without too much greasiness. Don't you hate that when you put hand cream on and your hands feel all greasy!

    Unfortunately, as much as I love the consistency and it really does moisturise your hands,  I can't stand the smell! It reminds me of Germolene, the anti-septic cream that my Nana used to apply when I fell over as a child. For that reason, I will stick to my favourite Soap & Glory

    Dove Invisible Dry deodorant stick

    I always used to use a spray deodorant, but there is a lot of uncertainty around how good sprays are for you, which made me want to try other options. This was the first stick deodorant that I have tried and that was back in November last year and I have to say, I am hooked on this.

    It is definitely the best deodorant I have used in terms of keeping me feeling dry and fresh all day. It got me through an interview in London and I still felt fresh afterwards.

    This has been a definite repurchase and I can't imagine going back to spray deodorant, other than for a quick freshen up after the gym or something.

    Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance 

    If you have read any of my blog posts relating to hair, then you will know that I am constantly on the look out for the miracle hair repair product! I like using leave in conditioning products as my long hair can get very tangled, so I find it much easier to brush through the tangles once I have sprayed my hair.

    I thought this was a nice product, with a lovely smell, but I wasn't wowed by it. It is for that reason, I haven't repurchased it. Instead I am trying the Pantene Instant Damage Defence Conditioning spray, which I much prefer to the Aussie spray, in terms of hair softness and the fact it can be used on dry as well as wet hair, unlike Aussie which is for towel dried hair only.

    Hair Xpertise Argan Oil

    Again, in my hair repair quest, I have another hair product! I love products containing Argan Oil, as it really does help dry/damaged hair. I picked this up at Boots and for £12.99 for 100ml, it is reasonably priced for Argan Oil. 

    The consistency and smell of the product is lovely, and my hair is soft and shiny. 

    This is definitely a re-purchase and I already have the next bottle lined up ready!

    Thanks for reading xoxo