• Is it just me, or is anyone else obsessed with lip balm! For as long as I can remember lip balm has been my staple beauty item.
    I literally have lip balms everywhere - in every different handbag (as well as the usual half-finished chewing gum packs - lovely!), my make up bag, the table by the sofa and my bedside table, just to count a few places!  I have to admit though, if I think about it, I probably apply lip balm more out of habit than necessity, especially if I'm bored!

    I have a lip balm for each occasion, whether it be clear or tinted, stick or pot.
    I don't think any make-up bag would be complete without Vaseline Lip Therapy tin, I have it in the Original blue tin and I really like this one in Cocoa Butter - it smells amazing! If I'm really honest, I can be a little OCD, so I prefer lip balm in a stick formula when out and about - too many germs to put my finger in pots.

    My favourite 'on the go' lip balms for when I am going out and not wearing lipstick then Burts Bees are great for colour and shine.

    My favourite lip balm in terms of moisturing has to be Carmex. However, the smell is a little too medicated for me, which doesn't taste nice if you eat straight after applying, so I only tend to apply it going to bed, or if I have really chapped lips.

    Is this just crazy little me, or is everyone secretly a lip balm lover at heart! 

    Thanks for reading xoxo