• Hello and welcome to ‘Food Friday'. Tonight on the menu we have quick and easy salmon fish cakes.
    Fish cakes are brilliant as you can just add whatever fish you have available. They are so versatile too, so you can have one as a starter with some salad leaves and sweet chili sauce, or a few as part of a main meal. Plus they are so simple to make!

    You will need:
    Black pepper to season
    (Butter and salt to season optional)
     Spring onion

    Firstly, boil the potatoes.

    Then mash the potatoes with a little milk and a little cracked black pepper to season (you can add butter and salt, but I personally don't) and then leave them to cool.

    Add salmon, onion, spring onion, chili and garlic to the mash potatoes.

    Mash the mixture all together with a fork. 

    At this point pop the olive oil on to heat.

    Mould the mash mixture into cake shapes ready to fry.

    Alternate frying the cakes on each side, so that they don't burn, but so that they cook through.

    We had this as a starter with a few salad leaves and sweet chili or Thousand Island - yum!


    Thanks for reading xoxo