• This cute little kabuki brush caught my eye. OK, I won't lie, it caught my eye because it is pink! 

     UBU brushes are colour coded, which is great, so purple is for eyes, yellow is for base and pink is for face. I must say the colour coding is fun and really helpful, especially to a novice.

    First impressions: 

    First of all, the packaging is really good because it is resealable, which is great to avoid the brush getting ruined in your bag. One thing I really love is that because the brush is made of natural bristles, it is really soft and smooth on your face.

    Overall verdict:

    Great little brush - applies blusher/bronzer/powder well. Plus, as it's small and compact, it doesn't take up much room in my make-up bag. At £5, the brush is an absolute bargain!

    More information about UBU products:

    Urban Beauty United website
    UK Stockists: ASDA and Tesco stores

    Thanks for reading xoxo