• The sun is shining and I am starting to feel rather pale. It’s this time of year I usually reach for my favourite go-to fake tan to give me that little bit of sun-kissed colour. I have used so many fake tan products over the years, but I always go back to this one – it’s easy to apply and looks natural, what more can I ask for!

    The product itself:

    Preparing my skin:

    Before applying the spray, I will shower and exfoliate my skin. Exfoliating gets rid of the dead skin cells and makes for a much more even tan. Anything to avoid streaks I say!

    Applying the product:

    I personally prefer fake tan in a spray, as I find with cream or mousse I get it everywhere. Also, I find this product is great as it doesn’t get all over your hands (I'm sure most of you can relate to that horrible realisation you have tanned your palms – the instant ‘Yes, it’s fake tan’ give away!).  Although, it may still be worth wearing latex gloves until you are confident with the product.

    The great thing is the spray is tinted, so you can actually see where you have applied the product – a must for avoiding a patchy tan!

    Then you need to wait for the spray to dry, otherwise it goes streaky! I find if I am in a rush, you can actually use a hairdryer to speed this up. Once it is dry, you can get dressed and the tan will develop of its own accord.  The colour takes around 2-3 hours to fully develop.

    The other great thing is the colour looks really natural. However, if I want a darker colour, I will usually apply the product again the next day (without exfoliating). Also, it doesn’t have that fake tan smell; instead it smells quite citrusy, which I really like.

    Don’t forget to moisturise your skin when the tan is dry to keep skin silky smooth and stop the tan flaking.

    How long does it last:

    I find the colour starts to fade after a few days. Beware, however, you may start to notice this faster on your hands as you wash them more often than the rest of your body. I have found that if the tan is going a little streaky, baby wipes remove a lot of the tan, then exfoliate and re-apply the product – bingo freshly tanned! 

    Just one final thing to think about is that the product does get onto white towels and sheets. It does wash out, but I try to avoid anything white when I am fake tanning.

    I hope you liked my first blog post - thanks for reading! xoxo