• I can't describe how excited I was to get hold of these new lip shines. I am a huge fan of the Barry M Gelly Shine Nail Paints, as they look great and are long lasting. 

    The product is described as: 

    Soft, moisturising lip crayons in 5 hot shades; with their ultra-rich, highly pigmented formula, Gelly Hi Shine Lips create an intense depth of colour with an unbelievable sheen.

    As I am starting to feel all summery, I decided to try the pinker shades of:
    Number 3 - Electra
    Number 4 - Sirius

    Overall first impressions:

    Both of the colours are highly pigmented, as you can see from my swatch. However, Electra (at the top), is perhaps slightly more pigmented.

    The first thing I have to say I noticed is that they smell amazing! They smell like candy, but unfortunately they are tasteless. However, I guess that's a good thing, as you want the product to stay on your lips (and not be licking it off because it tastes so good!).

    I was also very impressed that they are not sticky, unlike a lot of other lip shines I have tried. I find that stickiness tends to put me off and I then only tend to wear the lip product on nights out. These however, I felt I would wear anytime of day.


    They are long lasting - I even found that even after the initial layer of colour had worn off, I was still left with the pink tint on my lips. I did however find at this point my lips felt a little drier, so I applied a little lip balm, then later re-applied the lip shines.

    These are definitely going to become one of my favourite go-to lip products this summer!

    The lip shines are available at: Boots retailing at £4.99.

    Thanks for reading xoxo