• It maybe a shock to some, but I have never really tried Marmite. Maybe because my family didn't eat it when I was growing up and then later for fear I wouldn't like it if I bought it. However, on realising I didn't have time for my usual veggie version of a "full English" on my recent hotel stay (I have to admit, for me the best thing about hotels is the yummy breakfast). I saw the little heart shaped tubs looking up at me and I thought why the heck not - let's give it a go!

    One reason I have never really tried it is because I didn't really know what it was. So, after a quick Google search, I found that Marmite is a yeast extract and it is actually fairly healthy, containing vitamin B3, around 10 calories a serving (around 1 tsp). It was even given in soldiers rationing packs during the First World War! 

    The verdict: Do I love it or hate it?

    My first impression was that it is very salty. Maybe that is just me as I don't tend to gravitate towards salty foods (except maybe the odd bag of salt & vinegar Hula Hoops!).

    Overall, it was nice. However, I am not sure I would rush out to buy a tub because it would probably go off before I finished it, but neither would I say I wouldn't want to eat it again. So, firmly sat on the fence - I neither love it, or hate it!

    Do you love it, or hate it? Let me know.

    Thanks for reading xoxo